Falling Star Ranch Academy of Foundational Horsemanship in Valemount

Falling Star Ranch Academy of Foundational Horsemanship

General Delivery, Dunster, BC

  • Sports & Recreation

• Riding lessons/coaching and horsemanship clinics
• Horse training and colt starting
• Working student and mentorship programs
• Equine behaviour workshops and horse-whispering demonstrations
• Workshops, short courses and demos on various topics

Meet Birgit Stutz

Birgit Stutz is the owner of Falling Star Ranch Academy of Foundational Horsemanship

Birgit Stutz is passionate about horses and riding. In fact, her love for horses inspired her to start the business in 2006. “I’ve been able to help many horses and their owners have a safe and pleasant relationship based on mutual respect, trust and confidence through the use of non-violent training methods, consistency, awareness, communication based on the horse’s language, integrity, and empathy,” says Birgit, an Irwin Insights Level 4 Master Certified Trainer.

After 30 years of working with horses in various capacities, Birgit decided it was time to strike out on her own. The Robson Valley, she notes, is the world’s most beautiful place to ride. Not only does she get to ride every day as part of her job but also still enjoys riding outside of work hours as her main hobby. “My life revolves around horses!” Birgit donates some of her proceeds to horse rescues and equine-related charities as well as other charities that work with animals, including Ducks Unlimited.

Knowledge. Respect. Beauty.

Working with horses is about more than learning how to saddle up, trot and gallop. It’s about communication and establishing a relationship with your horse based on mutual trust and respect. In addition to the principles of horsemanship and riding, Falling Star Ranch Academy of Foundational Horsemanship teaches horse lovers how to establish a strong relationship with their equine partner in order to have a pleasant, safe and fulfilling riding experience. Falling Star Ranch Academy of Foundational Horsemanship welcomes students from beginners to advanced in both the English and Western disciplines.

Falling Star Ranch Academy of Foundational Horsemanship also offers horse training, colt starting, intensive horsemanship courses, equine behaviour workshops, horse whispering demonstrations, mentorship programs, as well as working student programs. All handling, training, riding and coaching are carefully geared to engender calmness, willingness, focus, trust, respect, confidence and sensitivity in the horse. This ranch also welcomes haul-ins and arena rentals. Please inquire for more information. Falling Star Ranch Academy of Foundational Horsemanship’s facility includes a 60’x120’ indoor riding arena, a 65’x140’ outdoor riding arena, as well as a 50’ diameter round pen.

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Horsemanship/Western Dressage Clinic in Valemount

Horsemanship/Western Dressage Clinic

July 01, 2017 11:00

Horsemanship/Western Dressage Clinic with Centered Riding instructor Lisa Wieben

July 1-2, 2017

Falling Star Ranch Academy of Foundational Horsemanship, Dunster, B.C.

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10-day Intensive Horsemanship course in Valemount

10-day Intensive Horsemanship course

July 05, 2017 12:00

Join Birgit Stutz for a 10-day intensive horsemanship course! The course begins on July 5th and runs until July 18th.

Chris Irwin will be available for skills evaluation on Wednesday, July 19.

Visit www.fallingstarranch.ca for more information.

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